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SML likes to inspire and think content-wise from a visual point of view when developing a strategy and concept. With a curious, inquisitive, free and open mind I design the best visual solution for a brand, product, service or organisation.

Collaboration from idea to end product

Step 1. Analysis and Research

Briefing... What does the brand, the service of the organisation stand for? What is the goal? What is the message? Who do we want to reach? What is the best medium to tell the story? What is achievable within the budget?

Step 2. Creative Solution

Creative plan... visual strategy, design, sketches, moodboard, script, storyboard, styles, colours, mockup etc.

Step 3. Visualisation

Final design... from the chosen visual solution to the end product(s) that will make us happy and proud.

I'm Sarah-Mezjdah Lens (SML). For more than 20 years I have been working as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, director and animator for large and small brands and organisations. With my designs I hope to make the world a little bit more beautiful, easier and happier. In 2006 I started SML working on long and short-term projects. I work from my studio or on-site within an existing team or I can create a team. I am a passionate hands-on designer and only let go when the project is done.


Let's work together!

Email or call me about a project, idea,

just to talk or say hello... \ (•◡•) /  |   +31 6 20 40 13 12

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